Modern blueberry cultivation - Changes (ebook)

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Modern blueberry cultivation - CHANGES is the title of a book issued on the occasion of the 8th International Blueberry Conference held on 4-6 March 2020 in Poland. The publication contains the latest information on varieties, cultivation, fertilization, harvesting and preparation for sale of highbush blueberry fruit.

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Table of contents




How to Set up and Run a New Plantation: Fertilization and Biostimulation

Mateusz Nowacki


Blueberry Protection against Pests in Times of Shrinking Availability of Plant Protection Products

Tomasz Domański


New Blueberry Diseases: Plantation Observations

Edited by Michał Piątek


Lecanium Scale – a Serious Threat to Blueberries. Can We Speak About a Plague Already?

Hanna Moscardo-Malinowski


How to Adapt Blueberry Fruit Production to the Needs of the Most Demanding Customers

Dr Kamil Jeziorek


Frost: How to Deal with It? Producers’ Practical Experience

Mariusz Podymniak


Growing and Irrigating Blueberries in Pots

Dennis Wilson


Fertilization Adapted to Phenological Phases

Michał Wojcieszek


Blueberry Varieties and Market Requirements

Ronnie Kersten


Off Type in Highbush Blueberry. Problems and Causes

Filip Cupak


Mechanical Harvest – an Alternative or a Necessity?

Hans Liekens


Prospects for Growing Blueberries in Russia. Conclusions from the First Plantations

Aleksander Lukyanchenko


The Blue Queen Rule

Maciej Dolata


How to Protect Yourself Against Blueberry Complaints

Daria Milewska


Changes in the Blueberry Market. Customer Requirements Now and in the Future

Blanca Escrig




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